Dog friendly holiday in Val Gardena

Val Gardena offers lot of possibilities for dog owners

Do not leave your dog at home during your holidays in the Dolomites!  

Not only people enjoy holidays, also dogs and pets can have a really funny and relaxing time in a mountain region! Val Gardena, with its flowery meadows, countless walks and well-prepared hiking paths, is the ideal vacation region for you and your dogs.

In fact, many properties in Val Gardena are Pet & Dog Friendly and accept your dogs for free, or against a little daily surcharge, which varies from apartment to apartment. The majority of the apartments, flats, villas & chalets rented by accepts dogs of every size, for a little daily surcharge.  

Apartments in Val Gardena:

The right choice for you and your dog Why do apartments, flats and villas particularly fit to the needs of people who want to spend their holidays with their dogs?

-        More movement space for you and your dog

-        Many Apartments come with an own garden

-        Less contact with other guests and/or dogs

-        More independence for you and your dog’s meals 


Dog Boarding & Dog Sitting Monte Pana, Santa Cristina in Val Gardena An alternative solution, for Dolomitic holidays without compromises If you do not want to leave your dog alone in your apartment, during your vacation in Val Gardena, or if you booked or want to book an apartment which does not accept pets, you can also choose the option to entrust you dog to the dog sitting & boarding house at the Monte Pana, in Santa Cristina Val Gardena. They will take care of your dog with love, passion and competence, while you enjoy skiing or other spectacular activities in the Dolomites!  


Our suggestions for perfect holidays with dogs or pets in Val Gardena

Here you find our suggestions about how to make your and your dog’s winter and summer holidays a outstanding experience:

1.)   Choose a quiet zone and property, with wide spaces attached!

Like every person, also your dog needs his spaces and freedom, that means he needs wide in- and outdoor spaces to move, run and play. That is why we suggest choosing an adequate accommodation, preferably an apartment, flat, attic or villa, because of the wider spaces given inside and because many of them come with poorly used garden. The ideal surrounding is a quiet zone, with poor traffic of cars and pedestrians, with the walking paths nearby.  

2.)    Do not forget leash and respect!

Val Gardena is a beloved destination of families with children, mountain bikers and other “guests in movement” who could catch the attention of your dogs and cause inconvenient situations for both of you. You will also find many other pets and wild animals, like cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, cats, squirrels, etc. who oft stroll through the landscapes. For this reason, even if it is a mountain destination, we suggest you to keep your dog on a leash, for avoiding unpleasant situations and respecting the guests who do not have affinity with dogs & pets.  

3.) Remember your dog’s bed and food!

Get sure that your puppy gets a correct and healthy feeding and that he sleeps well. We suggest you to bring your own dog’s bed and the right ingredients for his food.  For this reason, we think that an apartment particularly suites to the needs of your pet. You will be sure to be in the condition of preparing the ideal meals for him, without interrupting his diet.

To discover in which residences, aparthotels, apartments and villas you dog is welcome.Is’s very easy, fast and secure.  

Carefully check which accommodations in Val Gardena do accept dogs in their apartments and are pet friendly.  

Here you find the steps to follow to book your apartment in the Dolomites, for a perfect holiday with your dog or pet:  

- Scroll up to the top of the page or click on this link

- Insert the dates of your stay, the number of persons and the preferred town

- Once the apartments which are available in the requested dates appeared, scroll down on the left of your screen to the section “furnishing of the establishments” thick the check box “dogs admitted”

- The residences, apartments, villas & chalets which will appear, will be only be the dog friendly ones, that means only those which allow dogs to stay in their accommodations

- At this point you will be able to check the detail of every single apartment and send an individual or a mass request, without commitment, so you will get the best offers for apartments in Val Gardena.

Do not leave your pet friends at home! Enjoy your holidays in an apartment, residence or villa in Val Gardena, the hearth of the Dolomites.