Climbing in Val Gardena

Already 2 centuries ago, climbers from all over the world came in Val Gardena Gröden to challenge the unconventional walls of the Dolomites! Nowadays it did not really change, mountain climbers still come to this amazing valley to get to the top of this unique mountain peaks.

Every mountain offers a different challenge and difficulty level, beginning from the several Via Ferrata – Klettersteig, offering a good opportunity for beginners to be introduced to the climbing art in the Dolomites, going on with the different climbing routes and ending with ice climbing in winter, sliding than down the canyons by skiing in the deep snow.

After a climbing day, you will of course always find a comfortable typical Tyrolean hut or cottage, serving local homemade dishes and warm hospitality. Val Gardena Gröden also offers a highly reputable climbing school and a large number of qualified mountain guides, who can make you discover the most hidden paradise corners in the Dolomites. Safety does of course not play less than the primary role in this extreme sport, as the mountain rescue climbers called Catores and the helicopter rescue Aiut Alpin are seen as example of efficiency and professionalism all over the world.

Nearly none of the famous climbers of the world misses the Dolomites in his “to do“ or “have to do list”. Notice that a climbing legend like the famous Karl Unterkircher, who got famous due to climbing the Mount Everest and the K2 and sadly died on the Nanga Parbat, was born, grew up and practiced in Selva Val Gardena / Wolkenstein Gröden. Nowadays he is still honored every year in his hometown, by an award ceremony carrying his name, to the most successful climbers of the world. In addition, the legend Reinhold Messner, who got famous due to climbing the Mount Evrest and many others without oxygen and due the sighting of the legendary Yeti Snowman, keeps himself in shape in the Dolomites.